Saturday, October 10, 2020

WPAFW: Looking Back

Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend (WPAFW) convention was canceled. Instead, this year it lives on as a virtual event, with panels being held over Twitch and Discord. Last year's charity, The Awesome Spirit of Wildlife, has returned again, and donations are already flooding in. (Donate here!)

Unfortunately, as staff photographer, a virtual event makes my position a bit useless! Not complaining, I just miss capturing all of your beautiful, smiling, and often drunk faces. I'm sure you feel the same, so let's take a trip down memory lane together and browse the galleries of previous years. Just click the photo below each year and it'll open the album in a new tab. (And you can keep the party going by looking through the WPAFW tag on Flickr.) Enjoy!







Thank you for joining me for some sweet, sweet (and bittersweet) nostalgia. If you liked this post, please show your support through a donation to this year's charity. I hope to see you all back at the lodge next year!